History of Canadian Online Casino Gambling

For many years, Canadian gamblers suffered from laws that banned all forms of gambling. However, this changed in 1985 when the criminal code of Canada underwent a number of changes. With the passage of an amendment in 1985, gambling activities in Canada became legal and this started the growth of a huge industry. However, the laws still stated that online gambling was illegal. Despite this law, Canadian players did have the ability to gamble online as each province in Canada has the right to offer their own online gambling laws. Overall, these players were never affected by strict laws that prohibited them from playing and were always able to access off shore casinos for their online gambling needs.

In 1996, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established and this commission started to create laws for licensing online casinos. The first online casino to receive a license from the commission was in 1999 and there are strict rules for any online casino to obtain a license. First, the online casino must be located on Kahnawake land. Some of the top names that are licensed by the Commission include All Slots Casino and Golden Tiger Casino.

To expand the online gambling industry in Canada, a number of provinces have shown interest in licensing and operating their own online casinos. This was the case in British Columbia where an online casino was launched. However, it is only available to BC residents. Quebec also launched an online poker site and just recently, Ontario started operating a great site that offers all forms of online gambling.

Despite the changes in laws, there has never been anything strictly preventing Canadian residents from gambling online. This is why most players who have played online have visited an off shore casino. While these sites are safe and secure, it is the hope of the Canadian government to recapture the revenue being sent to off shore sites. This is being done by more provinces starting to own and operate their own online casinos.

The changes will not affect many players. They will just provide more options on where to play. While some Canadian players will prefer to play at a site located in their own country, a number of players will continue to visit off shore casinos for the huge selection of games and amazing bonuses that are presented.

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